Ecipsa Holding expands into Israel, bringing Crystal Lagoons® with it

Within the context of its expansion plan, ECIPSA Holding signed an agreement that will enable it to bring the Crystal Lagoons® sustainable technology system to Israel, taking a new step towards the internationalization of the company.

  • Implementation possibilities
  • The agreement contemplates three implementation categories through the development of lagoons in Real Estate projects, Public Access Lagoons™ model or PAL™ developments and hybrids. The first category involves the design and construction of this luxury amenity for the exclusive use of residents. The PAL™ projects offer a business model that allows access to the lagoons by paying a ticket and can be located in public parks, shopping centers, golf courses and more.

    The agreement for hybrid developements allows private use lagoons to be managed partially by incorporating the PALTM model.

  • Real Estate
  • Exclusive use for residents
  • PAL™
    Public Access Lagoons™
  • Ticketed entry and retail centers
  • Híbridas
  • Combines private lagoons + PAL™ model
  • The patents developed by the biochemist Fernando Fischmann, founder of Crystal Lagoons, allows crystalline lagoons of unlimited sizes to be built and maintained, with low water consumption, using a minimum amount of additives and energy. This technology also allows the use of seawater for the lagoons, a key point for the development in this region.

“Its an honor to be able to bring a technology like Crystal Lagoons to Israel, with a unique value proposition for a nation that has invested intensively in the use of technology and sustainability to promote its development”.

Jaime Garbarsky · ECIPSA Holding President