Board of directors

Jaime Garbarsky


Pedro Bustos


Karina Garbarsky

Deputy to Board

Walter Fuks


Top Management

Ezequiel Bonomo

Commercial Corporate Manager

Mariano Cicarilli

Corporate Manager of Management Control, Contracting and Construction Costs

Santiago Gottero

Corporate Administration and Systems Manager

Agustín Casado

Corporate Finance Manager

Federico Iacomo

Corporate Manager of Real Estate Development and New Business

Tomás Naselo

Corporate Manager of Legal, Communications and Human Relations


Ariel Díaz

Finance Manager

Victor Cáceres

Cultural & Branding Manager

Esteban Nazario

Marketing Manager

Natalia Gazzoni

Sales Manager

María Esteban

Financial Reporting & Construction Costs Control Manager

Pilar Lescano

Human Relations & Organizational Development Manager

Ricardo Suárez

Procedure & Approval Manager

Gustavo Olariaga

Systems Manager

Claudio Avellaneda

Operations Manager

Andrés Navarro

Innovation & Transformation Manager

Fabio Trinca

Construction Manager