ECIPSA brings a new concept of life that is revolutionizing the world. Incredible and surprising developments with exclusive amenities with Crystal Lagoons® technology.

Dream beaches with white sands and cystalline waters, in the corner of the world you want. This is WoooW! the new concept of ECIPSA Group, that comes by the hand of its superpartner Crystal Lagoons®.

Let´s live a

Under three implementation modalities, WoOoW!® is here to transform the way of living through high-impact projects, with the sustainable technology from Crystal Lagoons®.

Real estate projects

Lagoon concepts can be adapted and custom-designed to accomodate almost any type of development: masterplanned community, multi-family, hospitality, mixed-use.

Public Access Lagoons™ projects

Innovative model that takes tropical turquoise lagoons beyond the privately accessed residential market to the heart of the city and new places such as public parks, retail centers, golf courses, race tracks, and more, by offering a ticketed entry to the public,

Hybrid projects

This model takes the best from Real Estate and Public Access Lagoons™.

  • The patents developed by the biochemist Fernando Fischmann, founder of Crystal Lagoons®, allows crystalline lagoons of unlimited sizes to be built and maintained, with low water consumption, using a minimum amount of additives and energy. This technology also allows the use of seawater for the lagoons, a key point for the development in this region.

“Its an honor to be able to bring a technology like Crystal Lagoons to Israel, with a unique value proposition for a nation that has invested intensively in the use of technology and sustainability to promote its development”.

Jaime Garbarsky · ECIPSA Group President